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*  Learn about LDS emergency preparedness in OC   OC Prepare

*  Contact and view schedule at Newport Beach Temple      Temple Schedule

*  Contact and learn what's available at the Family History Center

*  Learn about LDS Family Services

*  Find  the local Welfare Resource Center

*  Learn about Bishops Storehouse

*  Contact Deseret Industries Los Angeles

*  Contact the California Anaheim Mission   (714) 972-3900

*  Find out where Addiction Recovery Program Meetings are held

*  Learn about happenings with LDS Mid-Singles in OC      Mid Singles

*  Learn more about happenings with LDS Single Adults in OC    Singles

*  Find out more about the OC LDS Singles Conference to be held in August   Watch for updates...    

*  Want to learn more about Pathway - online higher education?  Click  Pathway 

*  Learn of Nutrition Assistance resources    Nutrition Assistance.pdf

*  Learn about Community Based Medical Resources    Community-based Medical Resources.pdf

*  Find additional Social Services Resources for Seniors   Additional Social Services Resources for Seniors Rev2.doc

*  Learn about Legal and Advanced Planning Resources   Orange Stake member training on Legal & Financial Advanced Planning Considerations.pdf     Very large file (6 MB) could take several minutes to load depending on connection.

*  Link to Health Care Advocacy Program

*  Link to In home support services